Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More heavy work at CrossFit Old Town...

Seriously, I thought yesterday's workout was pretty wicked. Heavy chins AND heavy thrusters? Dang. Little did I know what was in store for today. What was in store in the Blue Room of pain? Oh, well, it was the SAME workout, with DIFFERENT exercises. Ow...

Today's warm-up was a progression from a deadlift to a hang squat clean, using a med ball (which I suck at BTW). After that, Jerry had us warm up our hang squat cleans because (you guessed it) we went heavy ring dips and heavy hang squat cleans. Soooo... today's fun looked like this.

DL with med ball
DL with shrug with med ball
Front squat with med ball
Squat clean with med ball

Workin' Heavy
Hang squat clean X5
Ring dips X5

Men's load- 155lbs
Women's load-100lbs
(Anyone else notice that these are the game weights???!?!)

This just hurt. I smashed the crap out of my collar bone so now it matches nicely with the mark I made yesterday on the underside of my chin. As the Guinness guys would say, BRILLIANT!But, but, yes there is a but. I did this sadly still with the floss for ring dips (I'd love to be able to do my own bodyweight but I'm still working on it) BUT I did do the squat cleans as RX'd. Yeah, word that's 100 lbs. And, you know what else? I hit 10 rounds again. Nope, not lying. That's 100lbsX50 reps. You know, I don't know about you, but I'll go ahead and call that a decent day. :P

Jerry said that since I was going heavy and I was in yesterday I should call it at 10 rounds. So I did. Not that I'm complaining mind you. I was ready to be done. I did 10 rounds of this in 22:10. I think I could have done more rounds, but the squat cleans are a killer. Damn 2 for 1 deals. :P Jerry took a few snapshots today... maybe if there are any good ones I'll post one up later. But I have to work dayshift today... boo hiss... not a fan of dayshift... so I should clean my smelly self up. Adrienne, I missed you this morning. I was looking forward to being able to get into your pants... ;) (No, I'm not really a perv... well yeah I am, but not in this case... read the comments from Sunday's post you silly goose.:P Sorry Adrienne, the 13 year old in me couldn't resist.... :) )


Jerry said...

they only allow chalk on max-effort lifts or PR attempts. communist is right.

kb cross-chops are similar to a swing, but you gram either side of the handle and start with the kb at either your right or left hip, slightly below with your knees bent. you then extend your hips and swing the bell to the opposite side of your body up by your neck, making sure to keep the kb close to your body. tough, tough exercise.

i've been doing the pmenu workouts lately and they're big fans of them.

great job on the HCL by the way!

Katie said...

Those communist bastards! That's insanity dude! I chalked at least 15 times today during that workout. My hands were fried out and I was sweating like it was my job. I couldn't hold the bar!

Cross chops don't sound like a good time dude... I know you've been doing the Pmenu... do you feel better with them? Are you liking them?

Thanks for the compliment.... but you know... I freakin' hurt right now... :P

Adrienne said...

I looked through my pants last night, and it looks like you may never be able to get into my pants! :(
I think I've already given them away.

Sorry I missed today. I think this would have been another bad one for my shoulder. Probably better that I stayed in bed.

Robin said...

Nice, love the heavy cleans, squat cleans are my ultimate fave CF exercise. We are hoping to try "Heavy Grace" some time, the wod from the games.

Katie said...

I like one rep maxes of squat cleans... I'm not a big fan of the let's do lots of reps of heavy weight... it makes me a little tired... :P

Adrienne, I'm sorry that I will never be able to get into your pants... this saddens me... :(

Kim said...

Be proud of your "war wounds" ! haha, they just show how hard you're working. Seriously, Katie, you are always impressing the hell out of me!

Kim B

Katie said...

Aww... thanks Kim! :)