Monday, July 21, 2008

Now additional thoughts and comments...

As much fun as I had in NYC this weekend, it really felt good to be back in the Blue Room. There is just something about being with my own affiliate which just feels right, and no offense to the Black Box, but it just feels more like home. Team 0730 was very quiet this morning with just Dianne and I representing, but I think we did a pretty good job. Dianne was working on her front squat form and she's come a long way. In a few more weeks she'll be picking up the 85. :)

Today's workout was a little bit different for us, because it was untimed.
This WOD was
5 rounds untimed
Max front squats (95lbs-prescribed was 85)
Max weighted chins, l-sits, deadhangs, or progressions

The video was the first round only
The rounds looked like this on the squats
Round 1- 20
Round 2- 13
Round 3- 10 (lost my rack)
Round 4- 15
Round 5- 17

Total 75

For the chins today, I used a 12 lb weight vest to start, then a 10 lb dumbbell, and then for the last few, just my bodyweight. I'm not sure how many chins I actually hit, but they felt GOOD. I know that this post today may sound cocky, but I was damn proud of my work today. I was (I think) the only person to go 95 for all 5 rounds, and considering that I just hit my first deadhang last week, and have now used weight in two different workouts, I think that's pretty freakin' awesome. My strength is definitely improving. I wish I could say the same about my speed, but eh, one thing at a time. I seriously just felt like a beast today. Do you ever have those days? Those days where you just feel like you could lift 8,000 lbs and take on the world and that nothing can possibly hurt you? I kinda had a day like that today. Coming out of the Blue Room, I felt pretty badass. I don't know why badass and not just proud of the accomplishment, but I seriously wanted a set of Ray Bans and some form of weapon just to look as tough as I felt. I have never in my life been able to do a deadhang chin. To be able to lift my bodyweight was HUGE for me. I don't know if anyone quite understands.

But after doing all those squats, plus all those chins, I felt kinda like a rockstar. It was just a good feeling. But then, I decided to see how fast I could do a 500 meter row. Not that 75 front squats and weighted chins weren't enough, I went for the extra work. Woo boy. I felt that row. I went balls to the wall and rowed in a 1:51. The last 150 meters my pace was 1:46 and then it slipped. I got tired and couldn't hold it. I was so close to breaking 1:50! But for doing this after the workout, I'll take it! It was funny though, because I'm not a very vocal person when I workout. I may grunt a little here and there, but I'm not someone who needs to talk to herself every set or every rep. During that row, I was VERY VERY vocal. I wish I could have had a video of that. I probably both looked and sounded like a crazed individual. I bet it was kind of funny. :P

It was great to be back today, and I'm not sure if I'll make it in tomorrow seeing as how I'm just now eating my dinner that I ordered at work, and I just got home. So we'll see if I make it for team 0600, or any team for that matter. We'll see. But, on a positive note, Dell is sending me a new computer, AND I have fallen madly in love with Jeff Yan. (Apparently he is a wicked chick magnet) Yup.. the week is looking up.... ;)


Justa said...

That's some great work there, Katie. Very impressive. Must be the pizza!

Katie said...

Thanks Justa! I think maybe it was the pizza... I think I should eat it more often! :)

Jerry said...

dude...great job. i haaaate front squats. i'd rather do weighted, burpee-pullups. no lie.

P.T. said...

Nice work. The only thing better than front squats is overhead squats.

Katie said...

Jerry, I don't mind front squats so much, but for each round to be a max set was brutal. I have bruises from the rack now.... sucks!

PT, I'm a fan of OHS... we just don't do them too much. We've been hitting clean work a lot lately, maybe next we'll do some squat work. :)

Thanks for the nice messages guys!

Lars said...

Great work, and nice squat form as well.

Cara said...

Congrats Katie - you are getting so damn strong! Wanna squat me?

The Wigan Crossfitter said...

The blue room is my idea of gym heaven.

It must be so cool to have a gym like that

Katie said...

Thanks again guys for all the nice comments.

Steve, the Blue Room is heaven and hell all rolled into one. :P

Kim said...

Katie - I love when I feel like Superwoman! Most days I feel pretty good and some days I feel like crap, but it is for the rare true Superwoman days that I live for - those PR feeling great days. yahooo! Congrats.

Jen said...

Nice work. I love FS but forget to work them so now I have a WOD for later this week.
Really strong work!