Sunday, July 27, 2008

Team challenge and a new space!!!

So today I jumped back into the CrossFit ring after a few days of serious rest. I'm not kidding. When I say serious rest, I mean serious. The most strenuous thing I did was carry my laundry basket down the stairs. I've slept, I've ate, played on my computer, and watched a lot of tv. Not the most exciting of weekends, but you know what... I'm seriously ok with that right now. I think I've probably had a little TOO much excitement lately and it's worn me down. It's been nice to get some small projects done around the house. You know, dishes, laundry, plantscaping... I call it plantscaping cause I don't really have land... just a bunch of potted plants. My morning glories were waaaay out of control and with the recent humidity the aphids have returned to eat my roses. So, all in all, I was a nerd this weekend, but I'm now a well rested nerd. :P

So this morning I was feeling ready to go when CrossFit time came around. It was team challenge day. Sorry, no repeats of the men v. women... although that would have been seriously wicked and I'm waiting for that rematch to crop up. Today was just separated into teams. Our team had 5 people so we had a few more reps than the other teams, but it was a fun way to get our workout in. I bought new running shoes yesterday at Pacers and boy was I glad today. The running in Evak really got me. I had rotated in so much that I actually had a slight bruise on my ankle. Not good... so I saw the cute boy (he was very cute) at Pacers and had him help me out with my sneaks. I went back to Brooks, and I think that definitely helped this morning. As I have discovered, shoes do count! So, today's fun looked like this...

As a team you must complete the following
Everyone must do the run
After that only 2 people may work per exercise (3 for us cause we had 5)
800 meter run
100 chins (150 for us)
150 pushups (200 for us)
200 ab mat situps (250 for us)
250 squats (300 for us)
* side note, I think these numbers may be off... I'll check the post when Jerry puts it up and make corrections

Can I just say, I smoked the first 800 meter run today? Only problem is, after doing all the stuff in the Blue Room, the second 800 I was dragging. I need to find a way to still run well even when I can't breathe after all the upstairs stuff. The shoes helped a LOT today and I could feel my form being corrected which was good. No more rolling in. However, I can definitely tell that I haven't been doing my runs lately. I was wiped. I think I really need to make that a priority. I need to get that back. I'm two months out from the race now, so volume is uber important. Oh yeah, if you're a recent reader and aren't up to speed, I'm trying to run a half marathon. The only problem with this whole brilliant idea of mine, is that I really stink at running. No pun intended, but it is my achilles heel. :P So anyhoo, running running running.

On an uber exciting note today, but somewhat sad, Jerry announced that we will be leaving the Blue Room. I'll miss our home, BUT it's for a very good reason. CFOT has, after a long search on Jerry's part, found its own home! :) How exctiting! I know this will undoubtably bring about numerous new forms of pain and torture, er, I mean, fun and excitement, but I can't wait. We'll have ceilings high enough for rope climbs, room for plenty of C-2 rowers, room for more weights and RACKS! and also some fixed pull up bars. I will have to relearn to kip all over again. I'm sure that with all the new things we'll be able to do, we'll all feel like rookies again! :) I'm looking forward to it. :) The space has no roll door, :(, BUT, it is over 3000 square feet, which will be great for us. I'm so excited for Jerry and for all of us. It's really going to be great. We'll have to come up with a new nickname for our facility... hmmm... something for me to work on until we move in... ;)


Adrienne said...

No new name.. maybe we can just convince Jerry to paint the walls BLUE!!!!

Katie said...

Adrienne, the whole place is yellow. I drove by on Sunday night since I was in Old Town and didn't have to work. The banana box? The banana room? Hmmm... this will require work... Jerry said he's not painting... :P Well the outside anyway...