Sunday, July 6, 2008

This one sucks, but I like it...

I know when halfway through the workout I'm complaining that I hate something, it's a good workout. Even though it's the holiday weekend, Jerry wasn't taking it easy on us. Today we ran a little bit of a different format so I'll do my best to 'splain. Here's what today's fun looked like...

Chins, push ups, and Abmat sit-ups

Choose 1

Option 1 CFOT conditioning circuit
5 rounds for time
21 KB swings
15 DB Thrusters
9 Push-ups

Option 2 (my choice)
5 rounds for time
15 DL
12 Hang power cleans
9 Front squats
6 Push jerk/presses

I chose option 2, and man 2 rounds in, I wanted to quit. All movements were done with an 85 lb bar so there was no scaling. Meaning, you couldn't do 85 lb squats, but only 65 presses. This flat out hurt.... no lie. I think I did a really good job with this though. I put the bar down a lot, but I was pretty quick to pick it back up. I didn't rest that much, and I was actually able to tie all the deads together and most of the squats. I had to break the cleans and the presses. My legs really really hurt cause the bar was tearing them up, and 85 was just a lot for the presses. But overall this one felt pretty good. I finished in just over 24. 24:04. Jerry said 24:11, but he missed me the first two times I called time. :P Otherwise I wouldn't argue. :P

On a side note, I have to say, being on work for this long I think is having an effect on my Blue Room performance. I know you guys think it's just waitressing no big, but I don't think you understand. We were slammed on both Thursday and last night, and I ran a heck of a lot of stairs. Working, especially when I don't crawl home until after 11 really wears me down.... :( On Tuesday that will be my first day off in 11 days. I'm going to sleep. A lot...


The Wigan Crossfitter said...

I know exactly where you're coming from on the 'I hate this' thought.

I particularly despise thrusters at the moment. However, good on you for choosing option 2. It certainly reads as the more difficult choice (bearing in mind that workouts that read 'easy' usually prove shattering).

Lars said...

Hey, waitressing would tire me out any day. Just feeding the family is enough grief for me. And no tips either!

Katie said...

Steve, neither of those workouts looked particularly easy this am. However, my strengths tend to lie with the barbell as opposed to my speed.

Lars, waitressing flat out exhausts me and beats the hell out of my knees... I think my 9 straight days on may have something to do with the reason my knees are aching. Perhaps the family should start a tip jar... ;)

Jerry said...

good job homes. even with all the work, it seems like you've been staying pretty consistent.

and i thought teachers just stayed at home all summer watching TV and taking mean to tell me some of them actually work more than 9 months a year?


Katie said...

Homes, don't make me come out there and hurt your midwestern butt.... I would say solidly that 80% of teachers are forced to work additional jobs. I carry 3 jobs at points during the year. I'm excited to only have 1 right now.

But thanks for the compliment on my work. I'm trying to stay consistant, but I'm tired Homes, I really am... :(

Brendan said...

Heck of a nice job on that WOD Katie. I'm nut sure I could have managed all that. Maybe a three rounder.

As for waitressing, I am with ya. I amn a waiter right now as I look for a job. And the place you work sounds hellish. Do you actually have to carry plates of food up and down stairs. I think that would kill me. Major props to you =)


Katie said...

Bones... I think you would have made it through all 5. We're CrossFitters. Quitting is not in our nature.

As for my place of employment... grrrrrrrrr... it's driving me nuts right now. But yes, we do have to carry things up and down stairs... so after today's jumping squat ladder... I really didn't relish having to split floors and wait on people on two floors while lugging drinks from the first floor. Katie=not happy.