Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So cool...

I just wanted to post this up and say a special "thank you" to Jaime at CrossFit Peru. He's translated some of my ramblings into Spanish and is sharing my story, as well as all of our CrossFit stories, with the people in Peru. I think it's just wicked cool!

Muchas gracias por todo su trabajo Jaime! Los articulos son excellentes! (Y los fotografias tambien... ;) pero eso es porque son de mi.... ;) jajajajaja)

To see all of Jaime's work, go check out CrossFit Peru.

CrossFit Peru


EboR√Ęguebi said...


My name is Louis

Rugby player, I am!

I Your Blog!

Until one day!


Katie said...

Hola Louis! Me gusta rugby y tengo muchos amigos que juegan en Pennsylvania. Te siente libre leer y escribir en mi blog! Gracias por tus palabras amables! :)

Tanya said...

Love it chica! That is just fantastic!

You are going international!!

I need your energy, I am in a workout SLUMP as I just got back from an INTENSIVE trip that was definitely NOT a vacation!

Back to the burn tomorrow! I'll be hitting a run tonight after the sun recedes somewhat...not in the mood to deal with heat and humidity and the blasting sun after the past 3 weeks spent in such an environment looking at rocks. and trying to run with dogs chasing me and trying to kill me.

Any more thought on a Chi trip?

Katie said...

Tanya, I really want to come back, but just don't have the $$$$ right now. I'm thinking though that maybe in the fall? That would be a great time. I could take another long weekend... :)

Katie said...

PS I missed you!!! :)

Jaime said...

Yes Katie, your photos are excellent, thanks for authorize me to get them

Katie said...

No problem Jaime! You're welcome! :)