Thursday, July 17, 2008

An interview...

"Katie is a dedicated CrossFitter who enjoys her workouts and the CrossFit community. She is the leader of the Katie Kult and has been known to write a blog or two. She used to swim and play soccer, loves to write, eat chocolate and watch sappy Jane Austen movies. In her free time, she likes to plot her eventual take over of the internet, and write some nasty CrossFit workouts to make herself do. She is a very unique individual and today I had the opportunity to sit down with her on the bus and ask her a couple of questions for our little magazine called 'Mindless Ramblings'."

Katie: "Hi, Katie. How are you today?"
Katie: "I'm great! I'm pretty stoked actually. I'm headed out of town for the weekend."
Katie: "Well that sounds awesome. Where are you going Katie?"
Katie: "Well, since you got on the bus with me, I assumed you were aware that we were headed to New York City."
Katie: "New York City? Huh... well this should be fun!"
Katie: "Yeah it should be. I'm really stoked actually. I'm going to be working out with the Black Box Manhattan tomorrow morning and meeting a whole bunch of cool people."
Katie: "Oh really? Like who?"
Katie: "Well Allison of the Black Box, Keith of CrossFit Virtuosity, Jeff of the Black Blox, and I'm hoping to see my good fried Elise, who used to be at CFOT but is in NYC for the summer."
Katie: "Wow. It sounds like you have a whole busy weekend planned. Tell me Katie, wasn't it the Black Box who originally picked up on some of your writing?"
Katie: "Yeah it was. Awhile back I had actually written a blog about a guy who I was talking to who told me he could kill CF workouts. Thanks to CrossFit, I kicked him to the curb and didn't waste any more time on him. Keith found it and Allison posted it. They're really cool and I'm looking forward to seeing them."
Katie: "So tell me Katie, cause your readers are dying to know, whatever happened to that guy? Did he ever contact you again?"
Katie: "Actually, after I deleted him from my Gmail account, he emailed me and tried to chat with me a few more times. I thought maybe I had been too hasty, but after one or two more convos I knew I was right."
Katie: "So tell me then Katie, are you still single?"
Katie: "Oh geez. That question? Ok... well... after I captioned his photo, Jeff from the Black Box fell madly in love with me (who wouldn't) and he kept calling me and professing his never ending love for me, but I thought it was just too soon for all that. So, it just didn't work out. There is a guy now in PA would I'd love to see, but I'm not sure, short of me hitting him over the head with something large and heavy, that he's going to pick up on the fact that I'm really intersted. So, yes, technically I am single."
Katie: "Hmmm. I see. Very interesting. So tell me Katie, what do you look for in a man?"
Katie: "Ok, now you're stretching. We're not going there."
Katie: "Well ok, that's fine. But just tell me this, if he had a humpback and some minimal disfiguration would you date him?"
Katie: "Next question."
Katie: "Fair enough. Now, Katie, the Black Box isn't the only affiliate who's found your sense of humor interesting. The CrossFit main page posted up an article of yours. You gave us your CrossFit story. Is there an update to that story?"
Katie: "Well, I've been meaning to blog about that actually, but just haven't gotten to it yet, but yeah. There are some updates. CrossFit has done so much for me that putting everything down would simply take forever, but for starters I guess I could say that CrossFit got me to fly. I'd never flown until the week after I wrote that blog, and CrossFit got me on a plane to go visit my blog friend Tanya in Chicago and work out at Windy City CrossFit. It also got me to run my first 5K, and train for my first half marathon. It's gotten me to lose 17 lbs total (there was a little gain back at the end of school) and maintain a fairly healthy Zone lifestyle. CrossFit has gotten me to set goals and stick with them. CrossFit's gotten me to deadlift nearly 200lbs, earn my first dead hang pull up, do 24 chins, clean 120 lbs, strict press 85, and do a whole host of things I never would have thought possible. Really, it's changed my life for the better."
Katie: "That's awesome. What would you do if you ever had to give up CrossFit?"
Katie: "Cry. A lot."
Katie: "Do you have any CrossFit goals now?"
Katie: "Well, in the next year I'd like to become more educated about the movements of CrossFit, the body in terms of the muscles and their relation to each other, and become a certified level 1 trainer. I'd love to work with beginning CrossFitters. I think that would be a great way for me to use my teaching background and mesh it with CrossFit."
Katie: "Hmmm, if I joined your beginners class would you make me do Miami Vice?"
Katie: *laughing* "Not right away, but maybe if you stuck around for awhile. I will say though that it may be someone's "Funishment" workout though."
Katie: "I'm not sure what that means, but it sounds painful. So now Katie, your readers also want to know, how often do you have to shave your legs?"
Katie: "What? What the hell kind of question is that?
Katie: "Well, inquiring minds want to know."
Katie: "Are you kidding? Alright, well whenever I have to I guess. I mean, I'm not a fan. It annoys me, but our society is apparently not very fond of hair on the body. Although funny story. When I used to swim, we would stop shaving partway through the season. Usually about December."
Katie: "Ok, that seems kind of gross."
Katie: "Well, there was a logic behind it."
Katie: "Such as?"
Katie: "Well, the theory is that as you train with all that excess hair, it acts as drag, in the same way our multiple swim suits did. You qualify for your big meet with all of it there, then the day of the meet you shave it all off and get your tightest racing suit and go to town. It's actually been proven to have very little pysiological affects, but I think the psychological one is huge."
Katie: "Intersting story, Katie. You're of course just full of those. So Katie, next question. In a fight between Xena and Chuck Norris, who would win?"
Katie: "Honestly, is that even worth asking? It's Chuck Norris. Dude he has the Total Gym, and the roundhouse kick. He'd roundhouse kick Xena before she could burst his ear drums with her piercing war cry and then it'd be all over."
Katie: "Fair enough. Well, Katie we're getting to the end of our time together."
Katie: "We are? Funny, we're no where near New York yet."
Katie: "True, but I just can't talk to you anymore. You're driving me nuts."
Katie: "Oh, ok fair enough, but you picked the questions."
Katie: "So, Katie, any last thoughts you'd like to share with your readers?
Katie: "Hmmmm... Drink the Kool-aid. Train hard, and REST LATER!"
Katie: "There you have it folks, inspiring words from... well, a very UNIQUE individual."

"Mindless Ramblings" is not a known magazine. Jeff did not really call Katie and profess his undying love. Katie just thought he would get a kick out of being mentioned on her blog again, but then again... maybe he won't. Keith and Allison really are cool. And yes, Katie realizes that writing insane blogs where herself interviews...herself... is slightly crazy... but Katie also realizes that it's a long bus ride to New York and she needs to entertain herself since she's not driving. Katie says, thank God Al Gore invented pants and the internet. And thank God the Bolt Bus has comfy leather seats and a Wi-Fi.

See you folks in New York. ;)


Lars said...

I think "Mindless Ramblings" should be a magazine!

Enjoy NY.

Katie said...

Thanks Lars! I'm off to the Box soon! It should be fun. :)

Brad said...

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Great. Crossfitters already get funny looks, and you have to go sit on a bus and talk to yourself? :)

Have fun at the box! I've been waiting for them to get their new, permanent space, hopefully close to my office so I can actually give them a try.


Darcy D2 said...

Katie I think your losing it hahaha.

Katie said...

Darcy, correction... I officially lost it a long time ago... :P

Jeff said...

It's true that I did not actually profess undying love. As you can see from the picture
I am already in a committed relationship with the floor.

Katie said...

Ah Jeff, but you still hold a very special place in my heart. Even if you do love the floor more than me... ;)

The Wigan Crossfitter said...

New York!! You are one lucky lady!

I like reading the brooklyn cf site, and the NYC site.. it just looks kind of cool really.

Much better than waterlogged Wigan!

Tanya said...

Freakin' hilarious. Also somewhat concerning...I see what you do with your free time when you have no papers to grade.

Thanks for the shout-out... :)

Katie said...

Steve, I am very lucky. I had a lot of fun with Keith and Elise this am and perhaps will get to see Jeff on Sunday. I also got a new t-shirt. :) I'm sorry you are going to have to work on your ark soon!

Tanya! I've missed you! How's the foot? I saw your status on FB.

Anonymous said...

Katie! Your interview was classic. That double personality might be showing through a little. Up the meds girl!

Katie said...

Kim, no worries. It was more out boredom than anything... the meds are fine. ;) I'll keep taking them... :P KIDDING!

Justa said...

I hope you had a great weekend in the apple, Katie!