Monday, July 28, 2008

Heavy thrusters, heavy chins...

What a dynamic duo that turned out to be! Nothing like going for some heavy thrusters straight into a set of heavy weighted chins. Daaaaaaaaannng! So we did our own warm-up today, which was a little different, but an interesting way to start off the workout. Hers's what the warm-up looked like.

100 jumping jacks
20 second Sampson stretch
10 pass throughs with pvc

15 OHS
30 second hallow rock
repeat only OHS and hallow rock 3 times

After that warm-up, we got right into some good fun and warmed up some thrusters. I did a set of 5X55, then jumped up to the prescribed weight for the circuit today which was 85 lbs. Nope, I didn't stutter. Women's prescribed thruster weight was 85lbs. For serial! I know right!? We also were to warm up a heavy set of chins. I didn't do too many because my hand ripped yesterday, but it's in a semi out of the way area so I was at least ok today. But the circuit looked like this.

AMRAP in 20 minutes
Heavy thruster X 5
Heavy chin X 5
Women thruster 85 lbs
Women chins 20lbs

I went Rx'd today. Jerry asked where I was at 18:00 and when I said 9 rounds he said he was going to "Let" me finish 10 rounds. Gee... thanks. Just what I needed... :P So, I finished 10 rounds of this insanity in 21:10. I could have probably done 1 more round. He told everyone to go for 22:00. But I was gassed. The worst thing was taking on and off the weight vest. It really slowed me down. But, one time I didn't hook it and it smacked my chin. I now have a big red welt on the bottom of my chin. So dead sexy I can't even tell you how awesome I look. :P Oi... Gots to hit bed though... workin' dayshift tomorrow after closin tonight and I need to get me some CrossFit in the am... yum! I love CrossFit for breakfast! :) Tehe... :)


Jerry Hill said...

You rocked it! You were throwing that BB around like wallball!

Katie said...

Thanks Jerry! :) But for serial, those heavy thrusters HURT! Maybe next time I'll go 95... :)