Friday, July 4, 2008

Some strict work and my sitcom... and it's in the mail....

Seriously, I think they should make a sitcom about my life. For as much random crap as happens to me, it should at the very least be entertaining. So yesterday, I was still trying to accomplish the goal I had set the on Wednesday, so I had pushed my blog writing until the afternoon. Well, I decided to make lunch and then write. Since it was so nice I thought, hey, I'll grill! So I took my chicken outside, started the grill, and went inside while it heated up. Well, apparently, when we had the barbeque, I didn't clean the grill, because the next thing I know, my grill was basically on fire, and I don't mean because of the gas. I seriously had visions of the whole danged thing going up in flames, but I shut off the gas, and the flames died after a few moments. I think I managed to damage the ignition switch though, because now it won't light at all! Ack!

So, I finally had just gotten the lunch situation sorted out, and sat down to watch my movie, Persuasion (how I do love my Jane Austen....shut it... I do), and write at my computer when, that noise. You know. That noise that tells you all the power in your house has just gone out. There was no storm, no apparent reason for it, so imagine my frustration. I had to get ready for work without power, and then when I finally got home last night after an utter ass kicking (at one point I had a seven and two sixes on the third floor, with a five, two threes, and a two on the second floor) we STILL had no power at 1130. I finally went to bed and the power kicked back on around 230 this morning. So, now I can tell you all about yesterday! Aren't you absolutely ecstatic?!!?! ;)

Yesterday was a little bit of a different circuit and it only had 2 exercises. Compared to the list from Wednesday, that is very different. So, here's what it looked like.

5 Rounds
Every 2:30
Max strict press
Max chins

Strict press has notoriously been bad for me because the last three times I've done it, I've wound up not being able to move my neck. So, I was going to sub push presses, but instead just dialed the weight back a bit. Normally I would have used 65 for this, but went with 55 for safety's sake. I think I had a bit of a head case with the stricts yesterday, especially on round one. I was so worried about screwing my neck up that I felt like I was just being very conservative. My numbers on the five rounds broke down like this:

Round Strict Chins
1 10 19
2 10 11
3 11 12
4 11 13
5 12 13

Doing chins after strict ps is hard! My shoulders felt all wonked out and stuff..... it just didn't feel good. The raise in the number towards the end tells me I was def too easy in the first few rounds. So, if we do this again, I'll try the heavier weight and quit being such a Nancy. :P We finished with some Tabatas, but since mine were so pitiful, I don't even want to mention them. My hamstrings are STILL tight from the deads on Tuesday... this should tell you something. Andrea's comment about me being quad dom is way true. I have no posterior chain!!!!!!! Ack! Another thing to work on... :( It's always something CrossFit, it's always something... :P

Now, I bet you're wondering what the last part of my title is all about and why I keep mentioning this mystery "goal" that I needed to accomplish this week. Well, just cool your heels, I'm gonna tell you. :P So, if you've been reading my blog for awhile, you may remember that back around spring break I was talking about getting some of my writing published, and I mentioned that I happen to enjoy writing children's stories. Well, SOL's came and Chicago came, and the end of the year came, and the writing just got shelved. Well, the story has been finished for some time, and I've just needed to get off my butt and finish a query letter so I could send it out. Well, I found a publisher that seems to be looking for what I have, and I finished my query letter (after 3 days!!!) and I have officially submitted my first story. Well, not officially, it's not in New York yet, it's in the mail obviously, but it will be officially submitted soon.

I know that this is a terrible long shot. Editors receive hundreds and hundreds of things each week/month. But, here's what I'm hoping. I'm hoping that she at least likes the concept, and may make a suggestion or two. This is my first go round, and I'm still trying to get the hang of formatting a manuscript, and query letters. That first letter took me three days to write and it was only 1 page! GACK! So anyway, "tink happy toughts" for me, and maybe who knows, maybe I'll be that lucky diamond in the rough who gets picked. That'd be the best thing ever, but I'm not holding my breath. I'm fully expecting rejection, but hoping for a little critique to push me along the way.

So in keeping with the wrap up for yesterday, I have a few final thoughts to add. Beautiful women are strong physically, but also mentally. They have a mental toughness that keeps them going. They have the drive and determination to chase down their goals and dreams, not worrying about rejection or failure, and never being afraid of sweat and a little hard work. They take risks, they go for it, not worrying what others may think. They look the odds in the face and tell them to "kiss off". Strong women look adversity in the face and say, "bring it on". Strong women get off their asses while others say, "I wish I could do that." The ladies of CFOT and the ladies that read this blog are strong. Don't doubt that each and every one of them has every single one of those qualities. I'm proud of them and I'm proud to be their friend and teammate.

Happy 4th everyone!


Brad said...

Did you cry watching the movie?

The Wigan Crossfitter said...

My word, is there no end to your talents?

Lars said...

The girl is Leonardo reborn. Only stronger :)

Katie said...

Brad, I did not cry, although I did like the movie.

Steve, I really am not that talented. Remember, it's also my first story. More than likely nothing will come of it aside from a rejection letter.

Lars, I am a far cry from Leonardo, but I bet if we would have thrown down I would have won! ;)

Avery said...

Happy Fourth of July!

Kim said...

Sounds like a fun writing project katie. You obviously have a gift with words. :) We collect children's books in this household - so we will look forward to owning one written by you someday. Hope you are having a great weekend!

Katie said...

Kim, I will send you 10 copies if someone ever decides they like it... :)

It's the first time I've ever tried this, so like I said, I'm expecting rejection... but it's a process, much like CrossFit. I just need to hang with it to learn it, and maybe someday I'll be good at it. Like maybe someday I'll be good at CrossFit. :P